Art makes the world more beautiful, economy allows it to go forward. Creativity at the service of marketing give us the opportunity to participate in both.

Our company is active in all aspect of communication: brand enhancement, image restyling, events planning, strategic marketing, promotion toward the final costumer, creation of traditional and multimedial materials. Combining classic theory and new technologies, we develope inspired and sustainable creative solutions, which enhance the image and exalt the values of companies and organizations, creating strong connections with their base market. The promotional events - conferences, exhibitions or particular production - become unique artistic situations ranging from classic to avangarde and in which music, theatre, art and entertrainment as a whole, are all in service of business.

University of Bologna

Musicians association of Bologna

Sciece Technology and Enterprise

Environmental requalification and economic development

Engineerig firm


Work transitions center of the University of Bologna


Knowledge & Innovation Community

Technological clusters of Marche region

Road machinery building


Marine science institute of CNR Bologna

Video productions

Transactional analisys firm

Italian agency for sustainable technologies, energy and economic development

The European Apparel and Textile Confederation

Insurance company

Lung cancer study group Emilia-Romagna

Green Technology Power

International cooperation and internationalization

Immigration Center



European Innovation Network


Open source information technology services


Radiations analisys and protection center

Video productions

Home made brewery

Business incubator

I musicanti non dormono mai

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Planning and marketing

Simona Lolli

Creativity department

Ksenija Savicevic

Technical department

Alessandro Dotti Contra

Colors, forms, words and sounds to ideas

Technology and information are, nowadays, most accessible. Everyone can use almost anything. What distinguishes us from others is, beside our experience, the passion that fuels what we do, the art of planning and the new ideas that follow. Because first of all, we work on ideas: we shape them and add colors, words and sounds questing for perfection, which might not exists, but we strive to reach it. Built upon a solid, development oriented logic, our projects, albeith starting from the transversal creative thought, are make up of common sense, research and study. We strongly believe every creation, from the concept of a communication campaign to a video or an event, means little without an analysis process to support its effectiveness.

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Image is the key tool to presentation

Leaflets, publications, business cards, exhibition panels are effective tools to present projects and products to a carefully chosen public. We follow projects through all the steps needed to create the materials necessary for communication; from the layout definition to the production of the most suitable materials, we create all that is necessary to make you ideas actual. Experience allows us to exploit support materials - paper, plexiglass, textile, metal ect.- at their best, and to combine several type of production processes - hot-foil printing, polishing, artistic binding, paper folding, plastification etc. - to make the way our clients present themselves personal and unique.

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An event creates a bond between who organizes it and who participate

An event is something to remember and something to talk about, to be proud of being there. It can be an institutional anniversary, a cultural event or the lunch of a new product but, in general, an event creates a special bond between who organizes it and the participants. We propose ideas and support to make this moment of sharing happen, covering all aspects to guarantee the success. We produce equipment and scenic design, we provide musical and artistical contributions – we can suit various tastes, we offer shooting and live coverage to remember of something that happened. We offer, among other, complete packages - from event planning to its realization, so our clients can focus on consolidating and developing new relations, leaving the work “behind the scene” to us. We animated conferences with mimic performances, we brought harps and violins in reasearch laboratories, organized picture exhibitions in assembly lines, always with the passion and the desire to create something unique.

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Always in contact with your potential users

A showcase without boundaries, always accessible from anywhere, at any time. This is exactly what the web offers: a continuous contact between companies and their clients, and a meeting point for potential interested users. We can create very slick web sites, using a refined alchemy of colors, built around dynamism and intuitive interfaces. We are produce sites which allows to promptly update your clients about the initiatives you have in place, or to independently manage your virtual shop; we can take care of everything, freeing you from the cumbersome part of the work. We can renovate your existing website, or create a new one from scratch, using the state of the art tools to adapt it to your needs.

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We turn your thoughts into the pictures

Condense an experience or an idea while capturing the attention is not a simple challenge. But often a picture is worth a thousand words, and video per se is a successful tool for presenting ourselves. We create commercials, promotional and corporate videos which allows you to describe yourself the best way; we start from your ideas and your needs, and then elaborate and build the screenplay and the right background. Whatever you would like to make an institutional video, or a spot let you be known or talk about your new commercial idea, we can transform your thoughts into images and, thanks to the contribution of experienced video maker and high standards equipment, we can satisfy even the most complex requests, adding a touch of creativity and originality to your multimedia business card.

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Notte dei ricercatori Notte dei ricercatori Notte dei ricercatori Notte dei ricercatori Notte dei ricercatori Notte dei ricercatori Notte dei ricercatori Notte dei ricercatori Notte dei ricercatori Notte dei ricercatori Notte dei ricercatori

Notte dei ricercatori

The Night of Researchers is an initiative promoted by the European Commission through “Marie Curie Actions” and managed by the Reseach Executive Agency - REA. The aim was to carry out public demonstrations to bring together researchers and citizens, in ordere to make the researcher's figure known, to enhance his/her profession and work in contemporary society.

We were involved in the graphic design and printing of promotional materials (brochures, posters, leaflets, totems, banners) throughout Emilia-Romagna region and we organized the exhibition spaces for the event in Bologna. On the occasion of the event, which took place in the center of the university area of Bologna, we set up the central road with large bright balls and decorated the various squares and historic buildings involved with totems and arrows – placed on the ground and on the walls of the palaces - showing the places, the routes and the programmes of the day.

Brochure, flyers, posters, totems, banners, signals, gadgets, audio and light design, staging, moderator