Art makes the world more beautiful, economy allows it to go forward. Creativity at the service of marketing give us the opportunity to participate in both.

Our company is active in all aspect of communication: brand enhancement, image restyling, events planning, strategic marketing, promotion toward the final costumer, creation of traditional and multimedial materials. Combining classic theory and new technologies, we develope inspired and sustainable creative solutions, which enhance the image and exalt the values of companies and organizations, creating strong connections with their base market. The promotional events - conferences, exhibitions or particular production - become unique artistic situations ranging from classic to avangarde and in which music, theatre, art and entertrainment as a whole, are all in service of business.

University of Bologna

Musicians association of Bologna

Attrattiveness Research Territory

Environmental requalification and economic development

Engineerig firm

Activation and hydraulic commands

Insurance agency

Knowledge & Innovation Community

Road machinery building


National Institute for Research - Bologna





Video productions

Multilingual menu for catering

Transactional analisys firm

Italian agency for sustainable technologies, energy and economic development

The European Apparel and Textile Confederation

Insurance company

Technological Cluster of the Marche Region

Lung cancer study group Emilia-Romagna

Green Technology Power

Microgreen and biological farming


Stable isotope traceability

Telecommunication infrastructures and services

International cooperation and internationalization

Dental surgery

Immigration Center

Teens radio




Open source information technology services

Sport Onlus Foundation

Study office for new enterpresises


Immersion cooling system

Radiations analisys and protection center

Video productions

Home made brewery

Musicanti srl

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Planning and marketing

Simona Lolli

Creativity department

Ksenija Savicevic

IT department

Alessandro Dotti Contra

Social media

Asia Renna
Jessica Delise


Iva Minozzi

Colors, forms, words and sounds to ideas

Technology and information are, nowadays, most accessible. Everyone can use almost anything. What distinguishes us from others is, beside our experience, the passion that fuels what we do, the art of planning and the new ideas that follow. Because first of all, we work on ideas: we shape them and add colors, words and sounds questing for perfection, which might not exists, but we strive to reach it. Built upon a solid, development oriented logic, our projects, albeith starting from the transversal creative thought, are make up of common sense, research and study. We strongly believe every creation, from the concept of a communication campaign to a video or an event, means little without an analysis process to support its effectiveness.

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Corporate image, Pay-offs / Headlines writing Market analysys, Digital marketing, Social media management, Media acquisition, Commercials and video ads, Cultural and promotional events, Meeting / Workshops, Tender preparation assistance, Websites

Image is the key tool to presentation

Leaflets, publications, business cards, exhibition panels are effective tools to present projects and products to a carefully chosen public. We follow projects through all the steps needed to create the materials necessary for communication; from the layout definition to the production of the most suitable materials, we create all that is necessary to make you ideas actual. Experience allows us to exploit support materials - paper, plexiglass, textile, metal ect.- at their best, and to combine several type of production processes - hot-foil printing, polishing, artistic binding, paper folding, plastification etc. - to make the way our clients present themselves personal and unique.

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Logos and usage manuals, Layouts / Illustrations, Flyers / Leaflets, Reports / Pubblications, Banners / Posters, Infografics, Photo retouchings, Image restyling, Exibition stands and panels, Environment set-ups, Signs / Glass decalcs Packagings, Gadgets

An event creates a bond between who organizes it and who participate

An event is something to remember and something to talk about, to be proud of being there. It can be an institutional anniversary, a cultural event or the lunch of a new product but, in general, an event creates a special bond between who organizes it and the participants. We propose ideas and support to make this moment of sharing happen, covering all aspects to guarantee the success. We produce equipment and scenic design, we provide musical and artistical contributions – we can suit various tastes, we offer shooting and live coverage to remember of something that happened. We offer, among other, complete packages - from event planning to its realization, so our clients can focus on consolidating and developing new relations, leaving the work “behind the scene” to us. We animated conferences with mimic performances, we brought harps and violins in reasearch laboratories, organized picture exhibitions in assembly lines, always with the passion and the desire to create something unique.

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Backgrouns / Set-ups, Illuminations, Audio installations, Video productions, Promotional materials, Bureaucracy handling, Organizing secretariat, Dedicated websites, Gadgets / Badges, Logistics, Artistic contributions, Speakers and moderators, Testimonials, Caterings, Locations

Always in contact with your potential users

A showcase without boundaries, always accessible from anywhere, at any time. This is exactly what the web offers: a continuous contact between companies and their clients, and a meeting point for potential interested users. We can create very slick web sites, using a refined alchemy of colors, built around dynamism and intuitive interfaces. We are produce sites which allows to promptly update your clients about the initiatives you have in place, or to independently manage your virtual shop; we can take care of everything, freeing you from the cumbersome part of the work. We can renovate your existing website, or create a new one from scratch, using the state of the art tools to adapt it to your needs.

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Site structure and analysis, Contents creation and review, Graphics production, Photo retouching, Responsive layouts, Wordpress customization, Custom web applications, E-commerce, CMS (Content Management System), User Testing, Touch screen optimized applications, SEO

We turn your thoughts into the pictures

Condense an experience or an idea while capturing the attention is not a simple challenge. But often a picture is worth a thousand words, and video per se is a successful tool for presenting ourselves. We create commercials, promotional and corporate videos which allows you to describe yourself the best way; we start from your ideas and your needs, and then elaborate and build the screenplay and the right background. Whatever you would like to make an institutional video, or a spot let you be known or talk about your new commercial idea, we can transform your thoughts into images and, thanks to the contribution of experienced video maker and high standards equipment, we can satisfy even the most complex requests, adding a touch of creativity and originality to your multimedia business card.

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Screenplay, Direction, Shootings, Post production, Extreme sports shootings Animations, Audio productions, Streaming and live directions, Speakers and interviews, Meetings / Conventions / Press conferences, Cultural events, Institutional videos, Commercials and teasers, Documentaries, E-learning

Privacy policy (Reg. UE 2016/679)


This privacy policy aims to describe how this Site is managed, in relation to the treatemen of personal data of visitors and users of this Site itself. Users and visitors should carefully read this privacy policy before providing any personal information and/or fill any form hosted on this Site.

This document represents the privacy policy for this Site and is made available at the following address:

Musicanti srl may treat the personal data of those who browse the site at and use the services provided at

This privacy policy refers only to this Site and not to other sites reachable from hyperlinks published in the pages of this Site.

In the pages where users' personal data are required, a specific information is published, as per art. 13/15 of Reg. UE 2016/679. Consent to treat the data will be explicitly required where art. 13/15 of Reg. UE 2016/679 provides for. If the user provides third-party's persona data, he must ensure that the data sent to Musicanti srl and the subsequent elaborations comply to Reg. UE 2016/679 and to appliable laws.

Owner of the treatment

The owner of the treatement is: Musicanti srl, via Carpaccio, 3 - 40139 Bologna, tel: +39.051.549200 pec: mail:, who guarantees the respect of the law about the protection of personal data.

Type of data treated

Systems and software procedures that make this Site work gather some personal data - navigation data - which are transmitted as part of the communication protocols of the Internet. Those are information that are not meant to be associated to a particular user, but might be if cross referenced with data owned by third-parties. In this category fall IP addresses, domain names, URIs, timestamps, http request methods, server responsens etc.

Those navigation data are used for the sole purpose of obtaing anonymous, statistical information on how the Site is browsed and to monitor it. Data can also be used in case of crimes against this Site.

Beside navigation data, data provided by the user on volountary basis - through the interaction with the Site or by requisting a service provided by the Site - can be treated as well.


Please refer to the cookie policy below for further information about how cookies are handled.

Personal data conservation

Personal data are kept and treated at the premise of via Carpaccio, 3 - 40139 Bologna (BO) and/or at the premises of the hosting company. Data are treated exclusively by authorized personnel, included the personnel if charge of special manteinance. No data acquired will be annonced in any way. All data are used only for the purpose of providing the required services, and are shared with third-parties only if absolutely necessary to provide those services.

Purpose of treatment

User's personal and sensible data can be treated for the following purposes: use of the Site, use of the services provided by the Site, handling of reports by the users, newsletter forwarding, candidacy for a job position etc.

How data are treated

Gathered data are treated in both paper and electronic forms, and inserted into the information system following the guidelines of the Reg. UE 2016/679, including the security profiles and confidenciality. Data are stored only for the duration of the service required by the user or until the consent is explicitly revoked. The information system and the software used to treat the data are suitably configured as to minimize the use of personal data, which are treated only to fulfill the required activity. Advanced security technologies and procedures are in place to protect user's personal information. The user can help us to keep consistent and up to date his data by notifying any modification required.

Scope of communication and data access

User's personal data might be communicated to:

  • all subject who can access the data (due to legal measures);
  • employees and contractors due to the scope of their activities;
  • all physical and juridical people, public and/or private, when the communication is needed to carry out our activities

Personal data which must be communicated

The communication of some user's personal data is mandatory to handle communications or fulfill user's requests. This kind of data are marked with a star symbol [*] and are mandatory to give, otherwise the user's request can't be fulfilled. On the contrary, other data which are not marked by the star symbol are optional and the failure to communicate them will have no consequence whatsoever.

User's rights

The user has the right to obtain from the owner of the treatment to confirmation of an ongoing treatement of his data and, be that the case, to obtain the access to his personal data and to the following information:

  • scope of the treatment;
  • the persona data object of the treatement;
  • the recipents whom the data will be communicated, and if the recipients resides in other countries or are part of international organizations;
  • how long the data will be kept or, if that information is not available, the criterias to determine that information;
  • the existence of the right to ask the owner of the treatment any amendement or deletion of any data, or to limit or oppose to the treatment as a whole;
  • the right to make claim to a control authority;
  • the existence of a decision making process, including profilation, and how that decision is make, along with the information about the consequences that treatement will have for the user.

Right to be forgotten

The user has the right to obtain, from the owner of the treatment, the cancellation of his personal data without unjustified delay, and the owner of the treatment must comply without unjustified delay if one of the following conditions is met:

  • personal data are no longer of use in relation to the purpose they were gathered and treated;
  • the user revokes the consent for the treatement as per art. 6, par. 1, lett. a, or per art. 9, par 2, let. a, and if no other valid motivation stands in favor of the treatement;
  • the user opposes to the treatment as per art. 21, par. 1 and no other valid motivation stands in favor of the treatement;
  • the treatment was illicit;
  • the persona data must be deleted to comply to a legal obligation imposed by the UE right of the right of the memeber state which the owner of the treatment is subject to;
  • personal data were gathered in relation to an offer as per art. 8, par. 1 of the Reg. UE 2016/679.

Right to limitation of the treatment

The user has the right to obtain, from the owner of the treatment, the limitation of the treatement when one of the following conditions is met:

  • the user contests the correctness of his persona data, for the period of time needed by the owner of the treatment to verify the data;
  • the treatment is illicit and the user opposes to the deletion of his personal data, but rather asks of a limited use;
  • even if the owner of the treatment doesn't need the data anymore, they are needed to verify, exercise or otherwise defend of a right on legal branch;
  • the user has opposed to the treatment as per art. 21, par. 1, reg. UE 2016/679 and is waiting for the verification of the preponderance of the reasons of the owner of the treatment over his own.

Right to data portability

The user has the right to receive, in a human and machine readable format, the personal data given to the owner of the treatment, and has also the right to transmit that same data to another owner of treatement without hindrances.

Revocation of the consent

The user has the right to revoke his consent to the treatment by sending a signed for mail to the following address: Musicanti srl, via Carpaccio, 3 – 40139 Bologna (BO) Italy, along with a valid identity document, with the following request: "revocation of the consento to treat all my personal data". His personal data will be removed from the archives in the least time possible.

If the users would like to receive more information, he can send a signed for mail to the aforementioned address. Before providing or amending any information, the user's identity check might be required. The request will be answered as soon as possible.

Changes to the privacy policy

The owner reserves the right to change, updated, amend this privacy policy in any way he sees fit and at any time. To ease the verification this privacy policy will state the date of the last update.

Last update: 30 maggio 2018

Cookies policy

Cookies and navigation data

This site uses "cookies". By browsing this Site, you authorize the use of cookies according to this privacy policy.

Cookies are litte files stored on the hard disk of your computer, and are roughly divided in two categories: technical cookies and profiling cookie.

Technical cookies are needed for this Site to work correctly, and to allow its browsing; whitout technical cookies you might not be able to view the pages correctly, or to use some of our services.

Profiling cookies are used to create user profiles in order to send the user advertising material coherent with his preferences.

Cookies can be also further classified as:

  • session cookies: deleted when the Internet browser is quitted;
  • persisten cookies: they are retained by the Internet browser for a specified amount of time. They are used, for example, to recognize the device connecting to the Site and allow a tailored browsing experience;
  • proper cookies: create and managed by the owner of the Site;
  • third-party cookies: created and managed by third-party entities unrelated to the Site.

Cookies we use

This Site uses the following types of cookies:

  • proper, session and persistent cookies, needed to browse the Site, to ensure the appropriate level of security and to manage the Site;
  • third-party coookies, both session and persistent, needed to display the multimedia elements of this Site;
  • third-party cookies, persistent, used by the Site to send statistical information to Google Analytics and then analyze how the Site is browsed. These cookies are used only for statistical purposes and thus gather the information in an aggregate, anonymous form. By mean of a couple of cookies, one session and one persistent, Google Analytics tracks the date and time of the start of the visit to this Site, and its duration. You can opt-out at any time following the instructions at:
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The Site could include links to other sites (third-party sites). Musicanti srl does not access or control any of cookies, web beacons and other traking technologies which could be used by third-party sites the user may access trough this Site. Musicanti srl, moreover, does not control the contents and the materials published or obtained from third-party sites, nor it does control how personal data are handled, and therefore explicitly declines any responsibility.

The user is urged to verify the privacy policy of third-party sites accessibile trough this Site apply, and how his/her personal data are handled in each case.

This policy applies only to this Site, as stated above.

How to disable cookies

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